We are looking forward to another powerful month at our “Jewel by the Sea” and will be exploring some of the rich virtues accredited to the Buddhist faith. This month we will be looking at the “Four Immeasurables”. These are:

Loving Kindness
Empathetic Joy

I am thrilled when we can have a month that is filled with those things that makes our lives truly blessed and joyful. I always enjoy bragging about the loving atmosphere that you always find at our beloved center. We celebrate the oneness that shows up in so many unique and wonderful ways with people of all ages, cultures, and faith backgrounds.

From the moment I arrive early Sunday morning, I love to see the day unfold. From smiling faces, to hugs, to poignant times together, this is the richness that our community is all about. Come join us and celebrate this wonderful life that we share with each other.

Much Love and deepest Blessings,

Rev. Michael

P.S. Rev. Donna, I hope you know how much we all love and support you. I know that you deserve everything good in life. Thank you for all you have been