Reflections on Christmas: A composite of ideas from my Spiritual Teachers
At this time of year we celebrate the coming of the Christ surrounded by Christmas decorations, Christmas music, decorated streets, stores and piles of potential gifts. This may be the time to ask some questions, am I expressing the Joy of life right now? Am I an expression of Peace or a busy, overwhelmed, and tired version of myself? I am a vibrational being, what am I vibrating now?

Ernest Holmes wrote: “Christmas is for remembrance.  The love manifesting through our gifts to each other typifies the offering of Life.… But the giver must give of himself, for ‘The gift without the giver is bare.’ It is not, then, in lavish gifts that we find true giving but in the sweet simplicity of remembrance, in the kindly thought, the tolerant mind and the gentle act…. With the check must come the one who wrote it, his interest, his enthusiasm, his love….  Each of us has something to give.…  If we are bringing our gifts to the altar of love, nothing less than the best will be acceptable, nothing less than all is enough.”  

Christmas is about being mindful enough, to remember that it is about the awareness of God’s Presence in you and me and every other person. This truth is inherent in the heart of the messages the Master Teacher, Jesus, came to deliver. That is, the messages of Peace, Love and Forgiveness. As the Prince of Peace, He said, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.” About Love (paraphrased), if you love one another, by this everyone will know that you are my [followers]. And finally about Forgiveness, “He that is without [mistakes] among you, let him cast the first stone.”

On December 25, 1949 this was a part of Ernest Holmes’ broadcasts, “Today, as never before, the world needs good news. It needs the heavenly light. It needs a star to guide it. It needs an understanding heart and the protecting power of Divine Guidance. The Wise Men represent the necessity that the intellect as well as the heart should recognize the presence of God in and through everything. As wonderful as the intellect is, it… must join with the heart.”

“Shall we not remember this ageless story and seek to apply it to our everyday living? Should not Christ be born in us today? If we permit this divine incarnation to take place, shall we not also feel the presence of angelic forces and listen to that celestial song, the song of the ages: ‘Peace on earth and good will among men’”?

For those of us who want to live in alignment with the message of Jesus, the Christ, one of my favorite statements that Ernest Holmes wrote about Jesus is, “Humble in his humanity, compassionate in his tenderness, understanding the frailties of the human mind, he let the Great Spirit speak through him in words of love and sympathy.”

Final thoughts to contemplate: I am not deceived by appearances. I remain steadfast in the ever-present light of peace, knowing that all I encounter is Divine. Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.
Only Love,