Dearest Community,

Recently I was reminded of something Ernest Holmes the founder of the
Science of Mind philosophy once said when asked to describe our faith. He said “It is a synthesis of the laws of science, opinions of philosophy, and revelations of religion, applied to human needs and the aspirations of humankind.” Dr. Ernest Holmes was a mystic who recognized the truth that ran in and through all life. He did not believe we should cut off, science, psychology or religions in order to know the truth of ourselves. In fact, these aspects of life come together and support the revelation of the whole beings that we are. I so appreciate this thought process, it is open and inclusive and affirmative of the great symphony of life.

During the month of December so many of us participate in celebrations. We have ceremony’s and rituals which are rooted in our families and faiths. In honor of the “Revelations of Religions” Holmes spoke of, our talk series for the month of December is titled, Holy Days. I have been doing research on some of the worlds most special and holy occasions and was so inspired by them I felt it would be a great way to spend or December. In honor of the sacred celebrations around the world.

I look forward to spending one of my favorite times of year with each and every one of you. I cannot tell you how filled my heart is with love and appreciation for our very special community. It is my most precious gift, to support and care for our Jewel by the Sea on a daily basis.

So Much Love to You All,

Rev. Nicole