Happy New Year Beloveds,

Congratulations on making another trip around the Sun! I do hope while reflecting on the past year, you have found yourself smiling more than frowning, laughing more than crying, and loving yourself more than ever.

The fabulous magic and mystery of January is that it feels like a new chance, a new start, like the slate has been wiped clean; so that even if we were not all that we had hoped in the past we’ve still got another shot.

Every year for the past fifteen years I have had the same New Year’s resolution…to be a better person. This might seem a bit ambiguous, but it is an intention and a goal and a dream I hold dear. The interesting thing is that what it means to me, to be a better person evolves from year to year, yet always the goal is the same to just be a bit kinder, a bit more patient and loving and generous then I was the year before.

What would happen if each of us did this? Set an intention, a resolution a goal which we could not ever fully accomplish yet never could we fail at either? Maybe that could be the first act of loving kindness we bestow upon ourselves this year, to be gentle and supportive of our own evolution, of our own dreams, without feeling like we have failed yet again at another resolution. What if?

With Deep Love,

Nicole Von Atzingen

P.s. Set your vision high at the 2018 Intention Setting workshop Jan.1st from 10:00-12:00 pm with Rev. Michael and I.