Welcome 2019! I love January because it reminds me of new opportunities, new discoveries and new experiences. It is like a clean slate, a time to purge that which doesn't serve us (be it a behavior pattern or an old toaster oven collecting dust) and start fresh in a new direction. This month also offers us the chance to heal wounds and join the spiritual surrender to our highest good. Our theme for January is Back to Basics. We will explore fundamental spiritual ideas such as oneness and wholeness, and spiritual practices like meditation, affirmation and prayer. It is going to be a peaceful and introspective month.

The 2018 Seal Beach Christmas Parade was a huge success. LOTS of fun was had by all! (special thanks to Lesley Prescott)

Meet our Amazing Volunteers

Each month we will be featuring a volunteer and highlighting their special gifts. When you see them around church, please be sure to thank them for their service and dedication to the Youth Program.

Janice Guevara (volunteer) - We have many wonderful, loving and dedicated volunteers and Janice is the very definition of that description. She has been volunteering for the Youth Program for many years and still every Sunday she brings her positive, happy energy to our youth room. Never tell Janice you need something (unless you really really do), because more often than not it will show up the next day. Janice is loving, kind and always calm. She provides the safe space needed for children to learn and be creative. She is flexible, prepared and always up for whatever we are doing. Janice you are an important part of Youth Church and we love you!!


Some of our basic supplies have seen better days..... if anyone would like to help us out, we can use the following: New Crayons, New markers, Mix-Media paper (any size), water colors, new paint brushes, glue sticks, and new storage bins (different sizes). .

Lisa Ortiz, Youth Director
Email: sealbeachyouth@gmail.com
Phone: 562-706-9289

Youth Services:
9:00am: Infant/Toddler & Elementary
11:00am: Infant/Toddler, K-3rd, 4th & 5th, Junior High, High School