What a great day to be on this planet, can it really already be July? This month we are celebrating our theme of being “Born Free”. I encourage you to wake up and confirm for yourself “This day I accept all the freedom and greatness that life has to offer.” Remember that you are a powerful and creative Spiritual Being and that your life is affected by your thinking and your approach to life. Ernest Holmes tells us, “If you wish freedom you must no longer think bondage. Bondage and freedom are but two ways of using one law.”

It has been a great season of the year and it has warmed my heart to see all of you celebrate both Mother’s day and Father’s day with us. One thing that I know for sure is that SBCSL is a vibrant and loving community. I love to see Sundays unfold, from when I first get here early in the morning to take in the Serenity to the more reflective and serene energy in the early service, and then to the joyous and social aspect of the second service. To me Sundays are a demonstration of the macrocosm unfolding in and by our beloved local community.

Rev. Nicole and I feel blessed and enjoy serving as your ministerial team. We would love to hear from you, so stop by and say hello and tell us what’s great in your life. One of us is here most every day except Mondays so come by and have a cup of Tea or Coffee and let’s celebrate our life of Freedom.

All my Love and Blessings,

Rev. Michael