March 2017

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What is the mind anyway?” Ernest Holmes once said. “There you have me, for I have not the slightest idea what the mind is.”
Pretty interesting words from the author of The Science of Mind, no?
Holmes would argue that our own intelligence is the greatest discovery we have ever made. Although no man or woman has ever seen intelligence, we know it is there, because it operates in our lives. Ok, well, hopefully it does.
By saying he doesn’t know what mind is, Holmes is making a larger point. That you don’t have to know exactly what a thing is to use and benefit from it in your life.
He shares,
“I had a friend who once had the great privilege of meeting Mr. Thomas Edison, and in a burst of enthusiasm she asked, ‘Mr. Edison, what is electricity?’ He looked at her very kindly and with sort of a whimsical smile answered, ‘My dear, electricity is, use it.’”
This is how Holmes encourages us to think of the Sacred, of Love, of Intuition, of Wisdom, and of Harmony.
These are not just fanciful feelings for Holmes to label Hallmark cards and write love songs with. They are principles. We can all think of countless scenes in our lives where they have expressed themselves, but not one of us has ever seen or knows just exactly what the Sacred is, or what Love is, or what Wisdom is. At the heart of Holmes’ message to us, is this: Who cares? You know that they are. So you use them. Benefit from them.
Don’t get too caught up wondering if or what God is in your life. Don’t get caught in the intellectual gambit of wondering if and what love is. Practice living like the greatest Power and Presence in the cosmos is right there with you. Practice living like the greatest Love story of all time is happening exactly where you are. Practice living like all the Creativity, Wisdom, and Harmony the Universe could muster, is sprouting in your consciousness, and in your circumstances, and in your relationships, right now. You may never be able to pin point just what they are, but you may see them operating in your life; Yes, because they are real; but also, because you have believed and used them. That is the Science of Mind and Spirit in action.