Dear Beloveds.

At this place we fondly call, “The Jewel By the Sea”, spring is certainly upon us. Of all the things that we teach here, I think the Creative Process is the most
central to our teachings and is my personal favorite.

So what better time than the Spring to take the opportunity to take the time to “jump start” our Spiritual growth. I cannot think of a better place to open up our blossoms and let our flowers shine than this beloved community. We always say, “there is a power for Good in the universe and we can make use of that wonderful power”. So maybe now is the time that we boldly step forward and make use of the most powerful thing we have, which would of course be our mind.

I know that I have grown tremendously in the past few months and every time I come to this center, I see the fertile ground for us all to grow and be nourished and absolutely thrive. From the beautiful Sunday services, to the engaging classes and workshops, or to the uplifting Wednesdays with everything from
wisdom sharing to ringing Tibetan Bowls, we really do have a beautiful, engaging, and dynamic community.

So maybe now is the time that we allow ourselves to really grow or become the fertile soil that encourages others to do the same. Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow is not here yet, so what better time than now to step forward in life and to know the Truth and to let that Truth be the bell that tolls for your life. As a shaman once told me in Aruba, “What our you doing with the rest of your life anyway?”

With Deep Love and Deeper Blessings,

Rev. Michael