Dear Ones,

Happy November! I am so excited to share with all of you this month. November is a sacred month for me and it happens to include one of my most favorite times of year – Thanksgiving. During my spiritual practice I spent some time contemplating on what I wanted to share in this issue. What I feel called to write about are the topics of change and gratitude. Why? Because I believe that they are
different yet important parts of our spiritual journey.

”Creation is eternally going on; change is always taking place within that which is Changeless. Forms
appear and disappear in a Medium which of Itself is formless.” – Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind p. 131

Change. It seems like the only constant in life is change. We see it in nature, we experience it in our personal lives, and we experience it in our world. I find myself thinking about this topic quite often lately. What feelings come up for you when you hear the word change? Fear, uncertainty, anxiety? Or joy, anticipation, and excitement? Maybe a combination? Life takes us in a variety of directions and we have the choice as to how we respond.

In autumn the trees trust that as their leaves drop new leaves will sprout in the spring. Do we have as much trust in ourselves or in the Divine within when we are faced with change in our personal lives? I find that when I trust and choose the spiritual practice of gratitude I am better able to navigate and find my way through the changes before me.

“In everything give thanks. An attitude of gratitude is most salutary and bespeaks the realization that we are already in heaven.” – Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, p. 497

What if we took a moment to be still, turn within, and center ourselves in gratitude? Ask myself, “What am I grateful for?” I am so grateful for our Jewel by the Sea, our Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living community. I feel so blessed for the opportunity to write this article for our newsletter. On Sundays and throughout the week I feel blessed to serve and see so many smiling, loving hearts and Divine Lights. Each of us is here for a Divine reason by Divine Appointment. I am grateful for Life. I am grateful for the power of choice. If I am not happy with an outer appearance I have the power to change my perspective towards a particular situation thus changing how I experience it. Your turn. What are you grateful for?

In 45 days with Ernest Holmes, a 45 day gratitude journal blended with wisdom from Ernest Holmes by Ike Allen, there is an exercise that I felt drawn to share with you. If you journal as part of your spiritual practice I encourage you to add this exercise to your journaling time.

“List 3 people on today’s journaling page that a short acknowledgement from you would make their day. Write briefly what you will acknowledge them for. Finally, acknowledge them via phone, email, in person, etc. and lovingly let them know you appreciate them.” -Page 11

May this month be filled with many opportunities to shine your Light, to reflect out into the world the Love and Compassion that is the Truth of who you are, and to choose an attitude of gratitude in every moment.

Blessings, Love, and in Deep Gratitude,
Rev Donna