Greetings Beloveds,

Finally fall is here and hopefully the Santa Ana winds have finally run their course. It’s about time for some really cool weather after our hot summer.

It seems like more and more people are telling me how much they like the
atmosphere at our beloved SBCSL. I am thrilled to see our community living the life of grace and joy, it truly warms my heart. Remember if you need a place to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner (or just need a break from the extended family stress) come join our family and share community and dinner with us. Last year we had over 100 people.

We are wrapping up our pledge campaign on November 11th , and I wanted to thank you for your participation and support, as we use the pledge commitments to set our budget for all of our ministries and activities for the coming year. One of the ministries that is near and dear to our entire ministerial team is that of
Education and Classes. Rev. Nicole is leading us and creating a comprehensive plan for 2019 which will include certified classes, book studies, workshops and experiential experiences. Our vision is to provide a broad spectrum of activities that assist us all in our spiritual growth.

Rev. Nicole and I are available for personal time and spiritual support. Just send us a text to the phone numbers on the Sunday bulletin and we will make some time available for you.

Much Love and Deep Blessings,

Rev. Michael

I would also like to welcome our newest members to our SBCSL family:
Allison Aguilar, Chris Aguilar, Marge Bacci, Mary Barlow, Kasi Hunter,
Scarlett Robbins, Sue Scheid and Caroline Sean