It is so wonderful to celebrate family and the experience of love that comes into my life. I’ve just returned from a weekend in Northern California where the family came together to celebrate the second birthday of my third grandchild. The unconditional love and interaction with kids and grandkids brings me great happiness for this life. As we review our lives and our accomplishments I believe it is our experience of family that bubbles to the top of the most rewarding and the most cherished. I’ve realized over the years how hard it can be to bring the family together as the kids get older and the distances apart increase. I remember how I was able to experience over 30 years of holiday celebrations before the schedules became more challenging. Today our family focus is on the grandkid’s birthdays and we all try to come together to make the celebration something special. That unified goal of a creating a loving experience is always a great intention.

I consider this community my family also and I see many similarities when we are able to come together and celebrate life. The smiling faces, the warm embraces, the jovial environment, all comes together to create a rewarding experience every Sunday. With our many programs and classes, we have been able to create the experience on many other days of the week also. I feel so blessed to be part of this community and I enjoy helping in the creation process. It is so awesome to see each of you contributing to this community and experiencing the love of community.

Our process to allow our new minister to find us is continually evolving. Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn has spent time in our community helping us to understand our thoughts and set our right intentions. Our co-creation process will take place later this month were everyone will participate in the process of creating a sacred covenant that will describe the qualities and attributes of our new minister. Rev. Kathy will be our facilitator for this process which starts on Wednesday, October 25th, at 6pm in the Sanctuary. The process continues on Friday and Saturday with workshops for a group of 12 that have been selected as representatives of our community. The group of 12 includes Rev. Juanita, Rev. Margie, Janice Guevara, Joan Cosner, Staci Muller, Lisa Ortiz, Leona Rustin, Keith Watanabe, Jack Roberts, Mari Young, Cindy Stevens, and myself. Please contact any one of them to share your ideas or get your questions answered. The 4-day process will conclude on Sunday, October 29th with Rev. Kathy sharing the sacred covenant during both Sunday services.

Completion of this process will launch us into the discovery of our new minister. The Selection Committee will meet in November to outline the process that we will follow. As we have information, we will share what we know in the monthly Town Hall meetings that are held the first Sunday of every month after the 11am service. We will be seeking our 8th Senior Minister in our community’s over 50 years of service. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and share in the excitement of success as we set our community in a direction of prosperity and love.

Love Always,