September is here! We can feel the energy change from hot summer days to slightly cooler weather. We had an amazing Passage Ways Ceremony and now the kids are back in school, football season is upon us and there is the anticipation of the holidays coming. It's all very exciting with so much to look forward to. I love the change of seasons, its like a new conversation, a clean slate of new possibilities and so much to be grateful for. Our theme this month is Abundance, Our Cup Runneth over. Rev. Josh once said that "prosperity is about making the best of what you have." He said "it doesn't matter how much money, time or health we have, it's about making the most of it with awareness and appreciation." We will explore abundance this month, from the perspective of gratitude through art, discussion, and music. It will be Awesome!

Meet our Amazing Volunteers

We truly have a wonderful group of volunteers in the Youth Program. Collectively they are loving, supportive, creative and generous with their time and resources. We are so grateful for each person and the unique qualities and gifts they all bring to the babies, children and teens. Each month I will be featuring our volunteers and highlighting their special gifts. When you see them around church, please be sure to thank them for their service and dedication to the Youth Program.

Miles Austin (staff) - Miles wears many hats and has many talents. He floats between the baby/toddler room and Kinder thru 3rd. He prepares materials for craft projects, cleans paint off brushes, the floor and occasionally children. He prepares our snack, is an expert with the Vacuum and can reach the high shelves in the storage closet. He also has been known to whip us up a drawing of a unicorn or two in emergency situations. All of this while smiling. We love you Miles!

Katie Postle (Staff) - aka Baby Whisperer. Katie is the Princess of the baby/toddler room and unquestionably loved and adored by our smallest members of Youth Church. She sits on the floor and joyfully plays kitchen, puzzles, coloring etc. Her loving and calm presence creates a safe and nurturing environment, to put it simply she is a natural and our kids are drawn to her. She contributes in a multitude of ways, too many to list here. Katie, your inner beauty touches us all.....We love you!

Haylee Pritchard (Staff) - Haylee is our newest staff member and we are so excited to have her join the Youth Church family. Haylee's primary job right now is to fill in for Katie on all the 5th Sundays. However, we have already needed her to
cover vacations and special events. She is energetic, enthusiastic and always happy and smiling. She is a self-starter and immediately takes care of things she sees need to be done without being asked. The kids love her. Haylee has a natural way of being in the moment and has endless patience to sit and help 10 kids with a complex craft project all at the same time without being flustered. Just what we need!! Welcome Haylee...... We love you!

Painting Party!

We are excited to announce that Youth Church is getting  a long overdue make-over! We will be Painting all four  rooms downstairs and the Junior/High school room upstairs. If you can help us prep and/or paint please sign up at information table or in youth room. Thank you!

Prep: Sat October 6th at 7:00am
Paint: Sat, October 13th at 7:00am