Lisa Ortiz – Youth Director


Welcome to the SBCSL Youth and Family Program


What types of Youth Groups do you offer, and what times do they meet?
Infant/toddler group: 9:00 & 11:00am services

Elementary youth group: 9:00am service

Kinder-3rd youth group: 11:00am service

4th and 5th youth group: 11:00am service

Junior High Group (J.H.Y.G): 11:00am service

Teen Group: 11:00am service and other advertised workshops and gatherings


What do we teach?

We teach a virtues based curriculum that is created by our families, youth volunteers, congregation and children. We explore different religions, family styles, philosophies and cultures with respect and curiosity. We never teach children what to think, we give every child space and encouragement to explore what they think, and value their thoughts and ideas exponentially.


What do we offer families?

We have free family nights which include a movie, dinner and opportunity to connect with other families. We also host themed *Kids Only* nights so that parents can have a night out. For mothers we have an ongoing “Mom’s Group” that meets the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month to explore motherhood and parenting (child care is provided). SBCSL offers an array of classes, many of which we offer evening childcare for. We also offer affordable youth summer camps and have national CSL teen summer camps. Once a month we have a Youth Wednesday night service where elementary and junior high school aged children can explore prayer and meditation.


Our Vision:

Loving, respectful, and creative individuals supported in their spiritual growth

Our Mission:

The Seal Beach Center for Spiritual living Youth Church creates a safe and supportive space for spiritual exploration. Encouraged with love, excited by creativity, music, food and fun, each child is embraced with an open heart, listened to and included.



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