It's April! Spring has arrived in Seal Beach and it's glorious. This month our theme is "Planting the Seeds." Everyone wants to be happy, but happiness cannot be achieved in isolation. The happiness of one person depends upon the happiness of all, and the happiness of all depends upon the happiness of that one. Life is interdependent. In order to be happy, we need to cultivate a loving attitude toward all beings. Each Sunday we will explore one of the four cornerstones of Buddhist thought: loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy, and equanimity, using discussion, art and music

Meet our Amazing Youth Director

Hi. It’s Wenda Arcala and this month I hijacked a portion of the newsletter to highlight our very own Youth Director, Lisa Ortiz.

Lisa Ortiz has been our beloved Youth Director here at SBCSL for almost a year and a half now and has been volunteering and working consistently in our youth program over 5 years. Lisa pours herself into this position every day of her life. She does this while simultaneously maintaining a fulltime job. Lisa spends endless hours creating amazing curriculum/lesson plans for our 4 different age groups every single week. She also writes this monthly newsletter and volunteers for many other SBCSL events. Lisa served on our Selection Committee, washed countless cars at our teen camp fundraiser and spent many Saturdays providing a much-needed makeover in our youth rooms. Lisa has utilized her innate decorating ability to transform blank spaces into incredible themes at our annual center’s fundraiser events, and she designed and assembled the gorgeous backdrop for Rev. Michael and Rev. Nicole’s Installation Ceremony. Lisa has a special knack for leading and interacting with all youth. Watching her with the K-3 children is really magical. She selects perfect books to emphasize the weekly theme and draws in her audience as she reads so eloquently. She knows how to introduce deep spiritual concepts in a way in which the kids can relate. Lisa is creative and artistic thus continuously creating incredible and meaningful projects for all our youth. All of the kids are drawn to Miss Lisa and feel her love. SBCSL is fortunate beyond words to have Lisa Ortiz as the Youth Director and lead teacher for K - 3. SBCSL Youth Program is Lisa’s true passion, so let’s say thank you by continuing to spread the word about our beautiful program.

With much and love and gratitude,
Wenda Arcala


Youth Church Easter Celebration April 21, at the 11:00 am Service. Please join us for games, crafts, food and more!

Release your inner Monet! Join us at Paint 'n' Sip May 4th 12:30 $35 adults/$20 for kids

For more information contact:
Lisa Ortiz, Youth Director
Phone: 562-706-9289

Youth Services:
9:00am: Infant/Toddler & Elementary
11:00am: Infant/Toddler, K-3rd, 4th & 5th, Junior High, High School