The CSL Winter Camp is over, but will never be forgotten. The Setting alone was spectacular.... atop a snowy mountain in Running Springs, a small town nestled in the middle of the San Bernardino National Forest. A vista of hills, valleys, trees and snow-capped mountains as far as the eye could see. The clear star-filled sky made the Blood Wolf Moon eclipse a sight to behold. And if the Universe had not impressed us enough....we woke up on our last morning to the mountain covered in a blanket of snow. However, even this unbelievable setting could not upstage the magic that was happening on the inside of our meeting place "Bears Den." From the first moment of our arrival, the love and acceptance was palpable. I have never been to a place where teens and adults alike show up as themselves; vulnerable, beautiful, sometimes awkward and always ready to love and support and accept the next person through the door. It is my wish that all teens (and even adults) have this experience. My life has changed in the best possible way.

"My favorite part of camp was when we went to leave, everyone got on the skateboard we found and started snowboarding with us and being all happy and loving despite leaving camp".
- Elliot

"I had one of the best experiences at camp, I had the opportunity to take a leadership role. My title at Winter Camp 2019 was Co-director. As co-director, there are many responsibilities. At times it was stressful, however overall is was beautiful and a blessing. I am very grateful I was picked and I was able to serve our CSL community."
- Malachi

"I was very nervous to come to camp this year, but when I got there, I was greeted with so much love from everyone else. I had a great time, and cant wait to go back".
- Dahlia

"At first I didn't want to go to camp, but now that I went, I'm so glad I was forced to go."
- Michelle

"When I first came to camp, I was pretty scared. I was not super open with my love, giving or receiving, Being thrown right into being close with people I just met was a little overwhelming. A year later though, at my third camp I noticed such a huge difference. I am so much more open now and less afraid. Camp has been an amazing experience with great people. I am so grateful for this opportunity."
- Drew

"I love camp so much! I always come back to it with so much excitement and openness. The people are so supportive and loving that it just warms my heart. My favorite part of this camp was getting closer with all my old and new friends and connecting with my new camp "family". I love how I can be open and expressive with so much ease and support."
- Haylee

"When I got to camp I was overwhelmed by love and acceptance. Overall, I will never forget my camp experience."
- Emmet

"Camp to me was like an amusement park just without the rides and less people. We made our own fun in the wilderness and with the people surrounding us. I was inspired with so much love and positivity. I can't even express the change that has been brought into my life."
- Destenee

"Camp was really fun! I took part in the activities and laughed a lot in and out of my cabin.. I did A's and B's and Angel Wash. I did more activities than my first winter camp or summer camp."
- Mathias

Lisa Ortiz, Youth Director
Phone: 562-706-9289

Youth Services:
9:00am: Infant/Toddler & Elementary
11:00am: Infant/Toddler, K-3rd, 4th & 5th, Junior High, High School