Video Recording and Facebook Live Setup

This document will outline the steps needed to 1) set up the camcorder and laptop to record the Sunday service and 2) set up the camcorder and laptop to broadcast the 11:00 a.m. Sunday Service on Facebook Live.

Part 1 – Setup the Camcorder

  1. Set up the Tripod in the back of the Sanctuary by the audio booth. Show
  2. Place the Target bag of weights on tripod hook. This will add some stability to the tripod when panning. show
  3. Mount the camcorder onto the tripod. Show
  4. Locate the tech team toolbox in the closet by the audio console/booth. Show
  5. Remove the orange extension cord and the power strip from the toolbox.
  6. Plug extension cord into outlet located against the wall behind audio booth/console. Roll out the extension cord to the table. This will supply power to the power strip for the laptop and the monitor. Show
  7. There is a purple network cable on top of the storage closet that is connected to a router. Unroll the network cable to the table. Show
  8. Retrieve the special audio cable from the tech team toolbox. This cable helps in making sure the sound comes into the camera properly. Plug the special audio cable into the mic-in jack of the camcorder. Show
  9. Ask Steve for the audio cable from the mixing board. Plug the audio cable from the mixing board into the female jack of the special audio cable. Show

NOTE – You should have sound going into the camcorder. Make sure you see the audio level “active” on the control screen of the camcorder. The audio has been set on the camcorder for optimal results.

  1. Make sure there is a SD card in the camera. Note – We are now recording from the camera onto the SD card as well as doing the livestreaming. Show
  2. Locate the rolled-up carpet in the tech team closet. Roll carpet out so that it covers the network cable and the extension cord. Show
  3. There is also a piece of carpet that is used to cover the audio cable. Cover the audio cable coming from the sound booth/console to the camera. Show

Part 2 – Setup the Laptop and the Monitor

  1. Now it’s time to set up the laptop. Before booting up the laptop, retrieve the AJA UTAP device, the HDMI cable and the USB cable from the toolbox.
  2. Connect the laptop power adapter to the laptop, then to the power strip.
  3. Connect purple network cable to the laptop.
  4. Now plug the HDMI cable into the AJA UTAP device and then plug the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI jack of the camcorder.
  5. Secure the AJA UTAP device and audio cable to the tripod with orange twist.
  6. Power up the laptop. Booting should take 2-3 minutes.
  7. Set up the monitor:
    1. The monitor is located in the cabinet next to where we keep the tech team toolbox. Put on table.
    2. The power cord and HDMI cable are located in the tech team toolbox. Plug the one end of the power cord to the monitor and the other end to the power strip.
    3. Plug one end of the HDMI cable to the monitor and the other end to the HDMI jack of the laptop.
    4. Power up the monitor.

Part 3 – Going Live

  1. After the laptop has booted up, click the icon that’s on the laptop desktop that says SBCSL Facebook Page. This brings up the church’s Facebook page. Look for the upcoming Facebook Live event. Click on “admin Only” link on the event. The “Connect Your Live Stream to the Live API” screen will now come up.
  2. Plug the USB cable into the laptop and plug the other end of the USB cable into the AJA UTAP device.
  3. On the desktop, look for the OBS icon. Double click on the icon. You will see the OBS program as well as seeing what is being broadcasted by the camcorder.
  4. At this point you are ready to go live on Facebook. When you are ready to go live:
    1. On the lower right-hand side of OBS, click “Start Streaming”.
    2. Go back to Chrome and on the Facebook Live page click “Manual Start”.
      NOTE – *** Your Not Live Yet! ***
    3. Back on the Facebook page, click on “Go Live”. You should now be broadcasting live on Facebook!
  5. Hit the record button on the camcorder to begin recording. The camcorder is recording when the access (red) light is flashing.

Part 4 – The End of The Service

  1. To stop the camcorder from recording, press the record button behind the camcorder. The flashing access (red) light will stop flashing when the camera stops recording.
  2. On the laptop in OBS, click “Stop Streaming” to stop the streaming to Facebook.
  3. On the Facebook page, you will see an end screen that indicates the streaming session has ended. The video should be ready for people to see in 15-20 minutes.
  4. Go ahead and disconnect the equipment, power off the camera and power off the laptop.
  5. Make sure all cables are put away in the toolbox as well as the extension cord.
  6. Fold up the tripod and put in the tripod bag.
  7. Please put camera in camera bag and make sure the camera gets plugged in to charger.